18 April 2009

Tele-egg rides like a nag

Want to have your mobile phone updated? Tele-Egg is just what you have been dreaming of. This wonderful egg operates in tandem with your mobile phone. Once your mobile phone is in silent mode, you will be able to be aware of any missed calls you had. During any incoming call, your amazing device is about to dance. This is going to be an attractive spectacle which your gizmo will demonstrate before your mobile phone rings. It is able to make you more organized with you easily managing your time.

New era comes with new gadgets and newly made tele-egg seems to be right there when you extremely need it. You will be able to call back, once you knew about your missed calls. People around you, whether they are your co-workers or your family being present at a very important ceremony, you are not going to be boring with your incoming calls. Time as well as the date is shown on your gizmo’s display, so it is going to be a useful advantage. The device runs on a 2 AAA batteries happens to be working with all GSM mobile phones with the exception of 3G phones.

England customers are able to get this pretty cool gadget for just £3.99รก so this is not expensive for your organizer device. This little dancer comes with embedded LCD clock, so even this feature makes your days more productive. Tele-egg can be easily connected to your phone via Bluetooth. With this device measuring 9.5 x 7.0 x 6.5cm (HxWxD) you are not going to occupy much place at your desk, so be ready to be more organized.

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