16 April 2009

Seat Cushion to be the best circulating solution

Have you ever thought about how your lifestyle has been changed since you had bought your personal computer? Stream video, television, chatting, reading, writing, and so on, these are those things many people are used to do in front of their screens. Leading a sedentary lifestyle as well as long sitting in front of the computer makes us exhausted and sleepy. The circulation improving seat cushion is a great solution, preventing you from being tired.

This innovative seat cushion is available thanks to a new technology, making it possible for you to get rid of inconvenience you have been experiencing. The circulation improving seat cushion from Hammacher Schlemmer is a perfect gadget for those spending a great deal of their time watching television or those leading an idle lifestyle, spending most of their leisure time in front of their laptops. Thanks to this intelligent device, you will have no more pains you had before.

New circulation improving seat cushion comes with twelve integrated air bags which are able to circulate both your legs and your bottom. This is possible due to inflating and deflating process which is carried out while you are in sedentary position. This wonderful seat cushion makes it possible for you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. The seat cushion is lifetime guaranteed, so once you make some troubles operating it, you may be sure to return it. This seems to be a nice solution for those having a long journey, for disabled people or those leading a sedentary lifestyle. The price tag for the seat cushion amounts to 0.

The cushion comes with rechargeable battery which lasts for 48 hours and can be charged for 2 hours. The same technology is already used in US Air Force, so this product proves to have been useful in reality. Once you are sitting on this seat cushion, you are going to feel your blood circulation which is really alleviating. The circulation improving seat cushion also features AC adapter and is ready to be used. This wonderful device is able to prevent blood vessel as well as capillary constriction.

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