23 April 2009

Save Your File While Sent Message Via Email

Hai all my friends, I was here and I was bring god info to you, I m sure it will useful for you all. Do you ever hearing email encrypted? If you never hear it I will tell it for you. If we wan sent file via email that secret actually we can do it. Know we should knew File Extension P7M, because with it we can sent file encrypted via email. It is very needed for business world. The encrypted email will show the header info but only the blank page. We can sent any data via email which encrypted and it is can be encrypted there are standard text, images, databases, PDF documents etc. we should set up your email client properly, or use a web mail service which supports smime.p7m. In order to we can send or read file that encrypted.

With File Extension P7M or on generally it call smime.p7m we can save our file that secret, example if you have connection with some company and you want sent file secret so use smime.p7m is very god. After you receive file massage so you a copy of their certificate to import into your email client. When you receive an email from your contact, your email client will compare the information in your certificate with the one used to send the email. If they match you'll be able to see the text of the email along with any other attachments.

Actually creating encrypted email is not too difficult, although you will have to either obtain or create your own certificates. service like the Personal Mail, Thawte Certificate, you can download With File Extension P7M a certificate free of charge after answering a few simple questions. After downloading, import the certificate into your mail client. Now you can easily sent emails and compose them encrypted to whomever you will sent.

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