12 April 2009

Sanyo PLC-WXE45 projector - for home or for office?

Do you remember the Sanyo PJ Network Interface? - the network that combines projectors into one working group controlled over the Internet. Each projector in office, in educational institution or even at home can be switched on and off from a PJ Network account. Anyway, there is now one more PJ Network capable projector from Sanyo. The announced PLC-WXE45 model will set you 1,795.00 USD back. The main thing to about Sanyo PLC-WXE45 is that it is a short throw projector.

Short throw mean that the projector’s focal length is small, which in turn means it doesn’t have to be placed far away from the wall, blackboard, whatever you are projecting the image on. There are actually modes for blackboards and color boards by the way. Space saving design Sanyo expects to be popular in offices and studying rooms, but along with utility PLC-WXE45 delivers nice performance.

Resolution is great for a short throw - WXGA 1280 x 800, but that is aspect ratio 16:10 which is, well, better for watching moves at home rather than for your work presentations. Other specs include 500:1 contrast ratio, 2,000 Lumens, VGA port, composite / S-video connection. In safety proportions it can ask for a PIN code and won’t work without it’s remote nearby so stealing the projector alone makes no sense. All that, especially WXGA resolution and color surface mode make it a nice gadget for home, but will it be as popular at offices and schools because eighteen hundred dollars is bit steep, and it doesn’t have a speaker by the way.

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