29 April 2009

Panasonic launches first Blu-ray car player

If you are fond of tripping by car then Panasonic has something in store for you. It is the CN-HX900D HD movie player for a car. It is a Windows powered GPS, CD / DVD player with 5 channel amplifier. Also player has Bluetooth, One-Seg tuner, 7-inch LCD (1.280x720) and 40 GB hard drive. Good news for the iPhone users. CN-HX900D has iPhone / iPod compatibility.

Also consumers need to hook up the unit with the CY-BB1000D. It is an optional Blu-ray player. CY-BB1000D supports everything except Blu-Live.

The price of the CN-HX900D and the CY-BB1000D are not available yet. They are expected to hit stores by fall 2009.

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