05 April 2009

LG W53 SMART Series LCD Monitor Use A Light Sensor

LCD monitor announcements don’t exactly capture headlines, but LG’s latest has got my head turning. The W53 SMART series incorporates a number of features that might just become a must in other brands monitors to come.

Rounding out the top of the list is an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the screens brightness according to the room, a Cinema Mode that some how blacks out everything but the onscreen video and a gimmicky yet possibly useful timer to let you know when you should take a break. Adding to the W53’s whimsical qualities is also a proximity sensor that illuminates the display’s buttons, a feature that both isn’t necessary and will add cost.

The LG W53 SMART series will available in sizes from 18.5 to 27-inches, include a 2ms response time, 50,000:1 contrast ratio and will ship this April for a yet to be disclosed price.

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