20 April 2009

Kyocera EOS with full body flexible OLED display

Kyocera developers who resident in San Diego and Bangalore have gratefully shared their groundwork that incorporates mobile phone technologies of tomorrow. At the first glance the Kyocera EOS concept phone doesn’t seem to have more than seven or ten percents of parts our eyes got used to. If EOS was an end product, it wouldn’t need to be plugged for a recharge, would feature very innovative ergonomics and tactile sensations of human’s skin. All that though is achieved by technologies that are already used today but have never before been united in a mobile phone.

Kyocera EOS can be highly qualified by a number of different measures. The user experience, as mentioned above, doesn’t include charging the phone - thanks to kinetic charger. All the shake and vibration EOS goes through the day enable nano-scale piezoelectric generators. Free electricity as a result.

Then there is a huge OLED display. I don’t have to explain all of its advantages, right? One though provides EOS with its main feature - flexibility. OLED displays can be twisted and folded. So is EOS. When it receives a call, you can answer it without unfolding the phone, but you can unfold it to check out all the menus. That must be a pleasure I reckon. Partly because semi-rigid polymers are skin-like, but mostly because of the sheer ingenuity of the thing.

Kyocera plans to use the developed technologies wisely and present them apart on different devices. Sure they say they will take EOS out of concept stage one day, but not any time soon.

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