14 April 2009

Jail-breaking amphibious tank not for children

This tank appears to be more than just its similar toy. This military innovation comes with a capacity to be transformed from a mighty tank into a real boat with a unique ability to fire BB bullets. Radio controlled vehicles appears to have become very popular for the last time but this groundbreaking model called “Hariot” is something special. This fast tank is capable of running on land as well as being driven on water, rocks, grass so this gizmo is pretty gorgeous and cool!

Hariot tank is capable of transforming at the touch of a button; running tank can become a water resistant vehicle. You can be easily attacked by the amphibious radio controlled tank in the moment it is hardly visible.

With a proportional engine air gun which is able to fire range of 25 metres. Top speed is not a problem for a 220V vehicle along with perfect traction thanks to its four wheel drive system. The amphibious radio controlled monster is highly used outdoors even after it has rained but it is recommended not to use it during a rain to prevent your battery from getting drenched.

The amphibious radio controlled tank features an adjustable antenna making it possible for you to select how you are going to control your tank. The amphibious transformer is not a suitable toy for children aged before 9 years old, but it is easy to use vehicle so your child can use it under your supervision. You should be cautious especially while firing the pellets as they are able to cause some corporal hurt. The amphibious vehicle is able to be controlled after 4 hours of its initial charging. This fast driving vehicle made of a rubber wheeled plastic body.

There is a 12 month warranty on this model. The amphibious transformer is powered on a 7.2V, 700mAh rechargeable nickel cadmium battery and comes with remote controller with a range of more than 20 meters. The brand new tank can be transformed, moved backward or forward, left or right so it happens to be a maneuverable vehicle. The transforming vehicle has a quick stopping action feature which makes it possible for the tank to sharply change its direction.

Coming with working head lights, it has battery duration up to 20 minutes while infrared frequency range is up to 20 meters. The tank is also fitted with power charger amounting to 220-240V 50/60Hz. With just two action buttons, you are able to easily navigate it though a lake with high speed of transformation. The amphibious tank has a width of 22.5cm while its length is 25 cm with a height of 18 cm. Water cannon has a length of 18 cm so this seems to be a dangerous weapon so be ready for an attack.

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