10 April 2009

Jabra launches JX20 Pura Bluetooth headset

After appearance of Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset that surprised us very much by its sizes, we thought it will be the best Bluetooth headset for a long time. But after the lapse of some period of time we welcome with applause new technical innovation created by the company. Jabra JX20 Pura is very nice and stylish headset itself, but it doesn’t make such shocking boom as its predecessor. Attractive and stylish, it enters new power switch and comfort while wearing it.

The Jabra JX20 looks luxurious for the first sight and it is not deceptive representation. Covered by titanium and looking thus glossy, it is steady for different unlikely cases as blows or falling from height for example. Jabra’s Bluetooth headset differs by its tiny sizes – with only 1.6 inches width and 0.8 X 0.8 measures of depth and height it weight consists 0.5 oz (nearly 14 gr). This lightweight allows you without any effort wear it on your ear even without an ear hook (it is available too). Two volume buttons take their place on the top of the gadget while the main call button hides on the right side of the device. This brings a little discomfort as we used to leave the main call control button in the centre of our attention and usage while working or speaking. By the way, all the buttons are too skinny.

The customer will be marveled by the technique of turning the device on. It assumes an innovative power switch which I’ve mentioned about earlier. You must scroll the earpiece clockwise 90 degrees and it will begin to carry out its main functions – answering, ending and rejecting the calls, call waiting and hold, redialing and dialing support options. To turn it off you should do the return operation. When the light on the back of the headset will glow purple, it means the device works.

The Jabra JX20 Pura perfectly combined with any Bluetooth enabled device. The bad sight of the gadget I should mention is its sound quality that leaves much to be desired. The dominating sounds are noises, echo and extraneous sounds while usage. The static sound is too loud and the callers could hardly hear the other calling persons. Jabra’s headset comes with USB charging cable, desktop charging cradle and AC adapter. By the way, it is enough expensive and will cost you from 92.00 to 105.81 USD.

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