09 April 2009

Icebar V2 Nano Speakers for the hi-tech gadget

Icebar Nano Speakers for the hi-tech gadget seekers. Today for all you gadgeteers a high-tech ultra portable gadget named Icebar Waterproof Nano Speakers -V2 is available. This neatly designed gadget was created for even most exacting customers that will have their requirements met once they start using it. This attention-getting gadget is able to protect your iPod Nano whatever weather is outside or whenever you are as this appears to be a water resistant model. Now your time has come to feel free using your iPod Nano even in rainy conditions. Despite of its small size, the stereo speakers are able to produce a good quality sound.

Once your sound is turned on, you will be enjoying a high quality product without a worry that it can get wet.Your iPod security is provided by a water resistant polycarbonate transparent case built for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Nano which allows to achieve a high visibility and seems to be an enemy for any available water. Icebar V2 Nano Speakers is a shatter-proof product, so you may almost forget about being extra careful with it to prolong its life. The Icebar V2 Nano features two neodymium speakers as well as an optional headphone socket. So you can easily plug your headphones in thought this water resistant output.

Icebar V2 does not seem to be a pricy product with its price tag which amounts to £49.99 so it is fortunately affordable. The Icebar V2 Nano has a discreet folding stand designed for free standing option. Coming also with a rubber lanyard, it makes it possible for you to use it while being in the shower while rubber removable float is a good solution making it floatable. The iPod Nano can be easily navigated by its water resistant click dial membrane. It seems to be ultra portable with its size which measures 17 x 8.5 x 3cm. This impressive device is not recommended for children under the age of 12There is also a phono socket option, allowing you to keep your music personal and an included 4 x AAA batteries so it is ready for use.

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