19 April 2009

Historically themed golden watch

Have you ever been impressed by this way your watches chime? Have you ever been surprised at how masterfully your timepiece is chased? Did you happen to be not able to believe your eyes? Today is your day, with this enchanting piece of art called Ulysse Nardin. This skillfully made mechanical watch is more than just a regular timepiece. Encrusted in rose or white gold looks like an unbelievable theater of war with its moving horses and fighting Mongolian worriers being activated once the chimes or the repeater is engaged.

Many watch lovers all around the world are familiar with this really famous brand and due to this mechanical miracle many more will be delighted to have it.

Ulysse Nardin watches are a combination of quality, productivity, beauty and artifice. Being a leader in mechanical watches making, Ulysse Nardin is an ideal choice for luxury watch lovers. Both the white gold Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie and the rose gold model come with over five black baguette diamonds which makes it very.

Another feature making this skillfully designed timepiece stand out is its tourbillion, the minute repeater with a realistically sounding Westminster chiming. These watches are water resistant models up to 30 meters. A dial is made of onyx with four golden worriers ready to fight. Altogether, there is 18k gold with diameter of 42mm. The moving and automatons mechanisms are placed under its dial. The most famous striking clock in London is firstly used in watches, so this is going to be fun mostly for those being next to the Big Ben.

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