03 April 2009

Griffin Power Dock 4 For iPhone/iPod

It’s often more than likely that American families and households have more that one Apple product. I myself have an iPhone and an iPod Classic. The Griffin PowerDock 4 for iPhones & iPods is an awesome choice for any family or bunch of roommates that wants to have a large charging station in their kitchen or living room. The PowerDock 4 is also an ideal choice for vacations and traveling.

Sort of like “stadium seating” for you iProducts, the PowerDock 4 is simple in its utilitarian design and is meant for being away from the computer. I say that because there are no USB inputs or anything else besides the wall plug and the 4 charging ports.

Embracing the usual visual flair indicitive of Griffin products, the PowerDock 4 looks very upscale with its brushed aluminum exterior and would match many home’s kitchen appliances. The Griffin name is emblazoned on the front and the rest is made of a glossy black plastic. The bottomside has a rubber base to give the PowerDock 4 traction on most all surfaces.

The PowerDock 4 comes equipped with 8 black plastic inserts for many different iPods and iPhones. Once they are attached they require a knife to remove so there’s no real risk of them falling out when packing into a bag for travel use.

As simple as the PowerDock 4 is, it would have been nice to see some extra features nonetheless. Adding some USB ports would have been nice for charging Mophie Juice Packs or iPods/iPhones in 3rd party cases, and computer compatibility would have made it more versitile. Charging indicator lights would have been well received as you have to manually check each gadget to see where it’s at during the charging process. A bonus would also be a retractable power cord so the PowerDock could be just one piece. Also be sure to check the list of included inserts to make sure you don’t have to order additional ones.

End result is that if you need something to ONLY charge multiple iProducts, then the Griffin PowerDock 4 is probably your best bet. I have seen a couple other chargers out there for up to 4 devices, but I would reccomend checking out the Griffin PowerDock 4 before anything else.


* Simple setup and easy to use
* Looks at home in the kitchen
* Decreases the amount gadget clutter


* Does not “sync” with computers
* Only charges Apple iPods and iPhones
* May be pricey for just a charger

Buy it for $43.

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