21 April 2009

GoCycle: An Electrically Powered Fold Up Bicycle

Although I still don’t agree with electrically powered bicycles - it removes the point of biking - the GoCycle is a far better compromise than that of a Scooter or Motorbike, which depend purely on fossil fuel to run. Developed by Richard Thorpe, a race car designer for McClaren, the GoCycle is an electrically powered fold up bike that can takes its rider an extra 6-20 miles at up to 15mph - distance varies depending on when it’s used (i.e. a big ass hill). The 250 watt motor is powered by a 9ah NiMH battery that takes 3.5 hours for a full charge. Other features include disc brakes, a Magflow injection molded Magnesium frame and a 3-speed sequential gear box.

Looking at the specs it would appear that they’re working on a ‘race mode’ that will get riders up to 30MPH. Currently, the GoCycle is available in the UK for £1,198, but can be subsidized through some sort of work/lease program. You can expect it to come to the US sometime soon, although a specific launch date hasn’t been set.

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