24 April 2009

Easier to Work With File Extension PPS

Four associations, including Microsoft PowerPoint, ESRI's ArcView, Corel's Paint Shop Pro, and Personal Producer Storyboard have known the File Extension PPS. PowerPoint software is the most often used to display a slide show. format of this file only applies to Office 2003 and previous versions. File Extension PPS identical with the format. Ppt, such as. And Ppsx. Pptx the same

File Extension PPS can also open the damaged file. such as Office 2003 that contains the bug so that can not be used to open the project that contains the Office 2000 clip art, including a slideshow. Microsoft has now issued updates to fix this error, so that users who find this error should visit the official company website and apply all updates. PowerPoint presentation is also very vulnerable to viruses. the user is recommended to always scan the files PPS obtained from sources outside before opening it.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is a free software that can play File Extension PPS, almost the same with software PowerPoint slideshow. OpenOffice.org, a free and open source from Sun Microsystems and the company can edit the File Extension PPS. there is also another program that can view it. File Extension PPS including PowerPoint slide show Viewer ActiveX Viscom Software, PowerPoint Viewer OCX, and others.

program is a package geographic information to create, analyze, manage, and display geographic information. File Extension PPS ArcView in a file that is associated with the process of determining the code that is used to manage different types of data available on the project. Paint Shop Pro also use the File Extension PPS program, in this format for exclusive pictures. Paint Shop Pro is a vector-based graphics program that acquired by Corel from JASC software.

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