27 April 2009

Drive with comfort. Mounting Kit for Samsung Instinct phone

I am as Samsung Instinct owner very proud to have such phone. In fact, my phone is everything I need, though passed some time, I still cannot say that I see any good alternative for it. There one small but very good accessory which helps me to manage my already perfect phone better.

Whenever whatever, I always have my digital camera, camcorder, Web browser, Mobile television and GPS navigation with me, due to my phone. As I have active life style, is very important for me to have always available.

When I saw advertising for Mobile Mounting Kit, I did not hesitated for a second, I already knew it will be perfect gadget. Many times I thought that it would be nice to have a special holder for my phone, which would allow to hold it in certain place. Mobile kit comes with universal cradle, mounting pedestal with suction cup and swivel for wide screen. I can easily say that it is a professional kit, which makes use of mobile in car more pleasant and practice.

Mounting Kit features:

* Kit which provide user with all necessary details to make you able to mount the mobile
* Cradle with side arms will keep the phone at its place, side arms are adjustable and could be extended in width from 1.6 inches to 4.25 inches
* Cradle comes with button, which allows to release fast the phone and to swivel back the screen in necessary angle
* Cradle sides are padded with special dense foam, that ensures strong and secure mobile phone hold
* Suction base for wide screed will provide necessary hold
* Comes with set of vent mount clips
* Solid construction, simple and easy in use

Summary: with this small gadget I always know where is my phone, it is always in field of vision safe and ready to serve. Really good holder, which is capable to ease my life during driving.

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