13 April 2009

Big city life or two-wheeler drive

Big city life or two-wheeler drive. American well-known carmaker General Motors in association with scooter maker Segway engineer a masterfully designed electric car with two seats only. This good looking prototype is about to be debuted in New York this week. Target audience is the city drivers which seem to be able to drive it by 2012. The electrically driven car called P. U. M. A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) is an ecologically friendly model with two wheels. The electric-powered PUMA is able to reach its top speed of 35 miles per hour on a single charge. This self balancing two wheeled car is developed to provide speed, personal driver security, sustainability as well as cheapness.

To create this car, companies used dual electric engine as well as two-wheel balancing technologies. Thanks to technologies used, it is able to provide dynamic stabilization as well as all-electronic acceleration capacity in addition to both autonomous driving amd parking. Another perfect features include is energy efficiency, zero emissions and reduced traffic jams. Due to a dockable user interface, off-board connectivity is possible. This 300-pound electric car appears to be very maneuverable despite of its heavy weight reputation and it comes with a lithium battery along with intelligent digital energy management. The car is also able to be interactive, enabling to reduce potential accidents.

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