04 March 2009

Xcaster 5000: A Camera That Streams HD Video Over 802.11n

Don’t be mistaken, the Xcaster 5000 is no ordinary HD camera. In fact, this thing is a balls out work horse. It’s able to stream HD video to and from the device, capture high quality audio and all the while let the user engage in a full on conference call. There are a few different versions available, with the top end including a semi-indestructible, waterproof build and 802.11n connectivity enabling a high bit rate wireless video stream. Every Xcaster includes a rugged touchscreen and the icing on the cake…an open source OS: Linux.

The Xcaster is a wireless High Definition camera that is designed to help organizations and companies reduce their travel cost, decrease their carbon footprint and substancially increase their efficiency. This is obtained through communicating using telepresence quality audio and video along with advanced laser based collaboration technology. The compact and rugged designed product features the latest streaming and video conferencing standards available on the market, including SIP, H.323 as well as ISMA streaming.

State of the art technology
The Xcaster is combining state of the art hardware and peripheral technologies with the Linux operating system running Pixavi's latest video conferencing signaling, QoS, collaboration and streaming software and firewall traversal technology. With the addition of state of the art wireless networking technology like 802.11a, 802.11g and the brand new 802.11n, the Xcaster is simply as close as you can come to the ultimate video conferencing device.

The Pixavi approach
The general idea of video conferencing today is based on face to face communications, to enable participants in meetings to see each other from different locations. Pixavi has since 1999 offered a new way of utilizing video conferencing and collaboration technology. Having the benefit of the latest wireless technology, video compression codecs and the fastest processing power in a compact, wearable design, the Pixavi customers are able to take the organizational expertise to wherever it is needed.

Familiar and intuitive user interface
The Xcaster features a blend between two worlds: video conferencing and mobile phones. By using well known symbols and interfaces, users will automatically know how to operate the product, without the need for extensive training.

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