03 March 2009

Vue True Wireless Webcam For All Your Best Angles

Webcams definitely ushered in a new realm communications. While previously hampered by wires and such, Avaak’s Vue Personal Video Network Cameras change all that. Originally designed for the US Military, these tiny little wireless camera’s weigh only a tenth of an ounce and uses a battery that lasts around a year. The wireless technology is called FrameMesh and runs a low power 2.4 Ghz system that only uses power when you are watching them. Up to 50 cameras can connect to one base station which in turn connects to your network.

Each camera displays VGA (640 x 480) at 10 frames per second and the Vue website has a bunch of cool current features such as scheduling recordings and sharing online. The basic package is $299 for two cameras, a base station, and mounting hardware. Every camera after that is $99 each and the Vue service is $20 a year after the first year which is free. You could definitely conjure up some fun You Tube videos with these things once you find the money to buy them.

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