07 March 2009

USB Bamboo Water Fountain To Help Your Stream Stay Steady

I urinate enough. I don’t need a USB powered bamboo water garden to exacerbate my already too many trips to the bathroom. USB junk is on the rise and it’s looking as if it might never stop. More of a joke gift than anything else, I can’t see anyone buying this for themselves. Only 25 dollars, I can see this being funny at airports and such. Would definitely be cooler if there was whiskey running through it! The day I post on the USB bedpan, life will have truly come full circle.

There are those who like the sound of water flowing so much, that it induces them to be more cheerful and settled. Then there are others who just have to pee, in any case the makers of this new USB Bamboo fountain surely had something in mind when they made it. Perhaps it’s an attempt to calm the mind of a traveler while he is busy typing away on his laptop, while worrying about depleting battery life. Not a great solution, but incase you want such a bamboo fountain keep you check book ready to sign off $25 for eternal bliss. It also comes in a multicolored LED option for the same price.

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