07 March 2009

Ultrasone’s headphones – to hear is like to see

The latest headset that has drawn the most attention for buyers is German Ultrasone headphones. A unique super-qualitative and marvelous design represents general gadget’s great features. Exterior surface is covered with a ruthenium metal that makes the headphones looking smooth and shining. Except the attractive mirror base Ultrasone headphones hide not less attractive ear cups which coverage is perfectly dressed with Ethiopian sheepskin making them pleasant on a touch and wearing. The plugs are plated with the gold that doesn’t make this headset cheap – it will cost you 1500 USD.

A new built in S-Logic Plus technology developed by the Ultrasone Company assumes new decisions in a headset workings out. It supposes reproduction of natural sounds without any incoming noises and hindrances. Enhanced sound quality allow to the listener listening the music or other sounds with audio detail accuracy. Frequency possibilities fluctuate from 6 Hz to 42 kHz. This means that you’ll not get any of the sound distortion. Bringing you quality and comfort, Ultrasone headphones would be valuable for you not only in the sense of price. If you attempt to get pleasure separately in your own room, quite music and presence of Ultrasone headset will help you to achieve this high.

If you are still doubt in getting and using this device because of its not economical feature, I will tell you about one more interesting characteristic. S-Logic tech supposes also reducing 40% of unlikable sound pressure that sometimes irritates us. It is a great pass forward in the gadget’s development, considering that fact the other headphones worsen hearing by beating on the ear drums.

Making conclusions, I want to notice about the fact that Ultrasone headphones combine two really annoying things – elegant design and supplementing it high-quality features. Thus the Company risks taking the leading positions in the market and winning popularity between buyers. Definitely it is one of the best gadgets between headset devices.

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