03 March 2009

Raincloud C-15: Drink The Atmosphere’s Humidity, Literally

The RainCloud C-15 is a stand alone water generating machine that literally suck the moisture out of the air, purifies and stores it for consumption. This isn’t the first Atmospheric water purify that we’ve seen, but it most certainly is the smallest and the first designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Total capacity of this particular unit is 15 liters. Other units, which are much larger in size have a greater capacity and can produce both hot and cold water.

The RainCloud C-15 is available for preorder for about $1,000.

RainCloud dehumidifier extracts drinking water from thin air

c15.JPGImagine getting fresh, pure drinking water from a dispenser right on your desk — no plumbing required. Anyone with a home dehumidifier knows how much water can be sucked out of the air, but usually that water gets dumped down the sink, or at best, poured on a thirsty petunia.

Cleanworld Ltd. in the UK designed the RainCloud C-15 for your home or office. Simply put, it's a small dehumidifier with a built-in water purification system to produce drinking water, with hot and cold options. Lord knows those Brits love a spot of hot tea.

The RainCloud C-15 ain't cheap. It retails for over $1,000. But, think about how much you'll save by ditching your bottled water habit, besides keeping those bottles out of the landfills. Plus, unless we really screw up, air will be a continually unlimited resource.

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