03 March 2009

Paintball Turret: Protect Your Home With Shots To The Dome

Now this just looks like a beast. Two years in the making this portable paintball turret can fire up to 34 balls per second. Would it even be legal to have one of these on top of your house? It would be cool to make a cart for it and tow it behind your bike for some good ole neighborhood terrorizing. Searching You Tube there are a bunch of DIY paintball enthusiasts with a bunch of cool paintball turret designs. The video below is an especially comprehensive one. Note the tip of the gun and what it looks like. Also note the kids in this video and what a sweet set up they have!

Some people go in for a regular ol’ security system, the kind with panels and codes and alarms. And you could do that, sure. Or, you could put together some real home security: a paintball turret.

It took two years to build this bad boy, and the finished product can fire up to 34 balls per second. Per second. Also? It’s portable. You can carry it in a backpack and wreak utter havoc. Or, just admire it on the Internet. That’s probably safer.

Want to build your own? The process is well-documented for paintball-loving DIY enthusiasts everywhere.

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Simon Leach said...

Wow, just wow. this is absolutley amazing. ive seen a lot of nice paintball guns, from WWII weapon replicas, accurate down to the paintball barrel, to modern day assult rifles. This turret reminds me of something out of a video game like team fortress. it might not be the best home security device in itself, but if your neighbors see this thing, they might think you are to crazy to mess with let alone to break into your house. I think this would be an incredible machine to own.

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