04 March 2009

Microsoft Auto 4.0 will debut tomorrow at CeBIT 2009

Cars are probably the least computerized modern world's part of life from the user's point of view. Undoubtedly, car manufacturers have gone far away that software and hardware alley if we speak about vehicle control systems or all the engines sensors and suspension adjusters, but for driver and passengers there usually is not much left of that processing power. Even in today's luxury sedans you all you get is a lite shell for GPS, e-mail or media stuff. Things however are slightly better with mobile operating systems. Your Window Mobile for instance can be synchronized with Fiat 500.

In any case though cars don't match with even netbooks mostly I think because of lack of common platform. This is where Microsoft cuts in with their Auto vehicle software platform. Its version Auto 4.0 will be shown tomorrow at Hanover's CeBIT 2009. Microsoft Auto software is aimed exactly at what we have been previously speaking about - combining all the computer systems people deal with in a car into one and sharing this platform with as many car manufacturers as possible.

For users it means that they can take almost files from their PC's, upload them to car's hard drive, playback them and / or download files from car to mobile devices. Other features include easier gadget integration for carmakers, wider compatibility for different types of devices, voice command recognition, internet television and radio streaming, etc. Primarily, Microsoft Auto 4.0 will be developer's tool - it eliminates the need to develop own operating system for every brand out there cutting costs and easing user's experience.

Microsoft Auto 4.0 can run with older ARM and SH-based processors just like previous versions of it, and in addition it also supports Intel Atom Z5xx series - one of the best to use in cars today, as Intel's and Microsoft's developers recon.

Microsoft Auto 4.0 starts its live in Hyundais, then move in Maseratis, Fiats and Alfa Romeos with their next-gen Blue&Me interface. Later Auto 4.0 will appear in Ford Motor Company's brands, probably by the year 2011 or so.

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