01 March 2009

Golden Ant CPU Heatsink Cooler

If you are an extreme gamer, power user or multimedia enthusiast, usually you will have a powerful PC with VGA card like NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS and AMD or Intel processor inside of it.

The heat on the PC need to circulate especially the processor must be cool to make your system run smoothly. Golden Ant CPU Heatsink Cooler Cooling Fan is one of the best cooler for your CPU. With higher airflow, static pressure and torque, your CPU will more durable and stay cool.

It’s also low start-up voltage, so it’s more save for power consumption. With excellent wind tunnel design, stable and reliable rotation make it easy for thermal heat dissipation with low noise. For the price you only pay for $33.02. Is it expensive? No I guess, because it’s more to save your processor with this cooling fan rather than using the standard cooling.

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