02 February 2009

Very efficient Sharp Aquos D Series - is that what you want?

TV is a sort of gadget that will not loose a piece of its popularity until something better is invented. It is mostly entertaining and hardly ever particularly useful, but we can't just say "no" to it. This is how an ordinary TV becomes a great thing for environmentalists to worry about. But usually they don’t manage to do it faster then developers do because saying about a TV: "This one is environmentally friendly", they guarantee themselves good sales. The latest "green" LCDs now are Sharp Aquos D series models, but as we think, they are not cutting edge, they are too late I'm afraid.

Sharp will let Aquos D models flow in the Japanese market on February 20th. There will be three of them differing mostly by their size: 32" for 1556 USD, 26" for 1230 USD and 20" for 1007 USD. The 32 inch model has better contrast ratio - 3000 : 1, and the other two models both have 1500 : 1. The part of Sharp's work on new Aquos D models that viewer will actually see is also 1366 x 768 resolution, 450 cd/m2 luminance, HD quality, and so on, and so, on. But the main part of Aquos D, the side that developers are showing off, is hidden behind the screen and shall never be seen until you look at how much you have to pay for electricity this month. Aquos D will save you more that 50 percents of average expanses on the same-sized LCD. This is not only economical, but green because it doesn't use that much electricity born in difficult labor. And the plastic is also less damaging when recycled.

However, even though no one can deny a huge work made by Sharp, they didn't beat OLED technology because they didn't have a chance. They got close to it with efficiency measures, but are far away with performance. It is clear now that OLED is the future by any standards, why then to go much further with LCD?

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