10 February 2009

Solar ChumAlong with sunflower principle

Start getting prepared for summer days today, because now we can have one more solar gadget to play with. This is Solar ChumAlong solar panel which is not a breakthrough of course. We have seen a lot of these things along summer seasons, liked them frankly speaking. Solar ChumAlong is a bit different however. It has borrowed some of its features from huge and expensive solar power stations and yet has missed some everyday needed stuff. So ChumAlong is a compromise for free of charge solar energy but not a great whole-rounder with 400 USD price tag.

Solar ChumAlog has only one very strong feature to differentiate it from the other solar panels. Just like a sunflower, ChumAlong follows the sun as it moves along during the day. How important that is? Well, in a perfectly sunny day it can produce up to 50 percents more power than it would gather in static. Overall solar tracking system produces plus 30 percents to average figures. Making this possible made ChumAlong this expensive. Positioning requires a special Micro-controller Technology, worm gear axis shaft and optical sensors. And there we are, 400 USD for a portable solar panel. It is also easy to adjust and light to carry, but it has some drawbacks also. Solar ChumAlong is capable of producing 5 W only. And probably the worst thing is that the device doesn't come with a battery which you will obviously need, hence add at least another 30 USD for 12vdc battery expenses.

I can only advice Solar ChumAlong for those who know in advance that they will be able to leave the thing in the sun for the whole day. Active use can make it pay for itself in one season period if it hopefully doesn’t break down. In rest - a great thing for all your electronic gadgets.

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