09 February 2009

New v20.0.0.12 firmware for 1 million 5800 Xpress Music army

An iPhone beating 5800 Xpress Music handset from Nokia, a whole cool million of sold devices are now going to have a firmware update. Nokia has a very own story of firmware updates. Some are left behind without any notice and some are welcomed as a lifesaver for pricy smartphones which were not working properly. In turn, 5800 was doing fine most of the time and now, well, it is going to be even better. The new firmware v20.0.0.12 is aimed to do some minor adjustments for faster overall performance, add some new features and that is about it. 11 MB update pack is available via Nokia PC Suit or OTA.

The new features we where previously talking about refer to 5800's camera. With v20.0.0.12 it will have highly anticipated Geotagging - very good or an active tourist. Then there is a sort of a business feature. Dictionary application seen on E71 has now moved to 5800 with support for multiple languages. Another important fill in for handset - app. update application also previously seen on some Nokia mobile phones. Media content has been revised a bit so now it runs flawlessly for 5800 on the Web in flash and FLV formats. v20.0.0.12 makes search enhancements as well. On the standby screen all phone data you have is also searched for keywords. All these come in an arrangement of interface changes and speed improvements. Especially noticeable is how fast the screen rotation is.

The only issue so long is lock code after update - the previous one may not work as the first lucky v20.0.0.12 testers say. Rumors advice to type in "12345". If it works please note that in your comments.

A tip for those of you who don’t know how to update or verify their current firmware version: type *#0000# - this is how you get to the update screen. "Check for updates" button will be there as well as current firmware version number.

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