26 February 2009

Samsung unviels I7410 OLED touchscreen with built-in projector at MWC

The Mobile World Congress 2009 is starting just after this weekend on February 16 and is anticipated not any less than CES of this year was. Three days of MWC are going to be fruitful with new and upcoming mobile phones. Here is the first one that is going shine soon. Quite literally I have to say. Samsung I7410 and Samsung W7900 is the same phone with two names - one for European market and one for Korean. Why shine? Because it will have a built-in projector, basically the same we find in home theatres but smaller of course. The rest of functions is also quite cool so we are looking forward to have more info on it when it officially comes out soon in Korea and then in Europe.

Samsung's DLP Pico projector makes I7410 and W7900 two very complete multimedia gadgets. 127 cm is the top size of possible projected image. In a sunny day this figure will be smaller but anyway this will work perfectly well in twilight. This feature will be great for a special occasion, but for every day use I7410 has enough other things stacked up. Like an OLED touchscreen or 5 Megapix camera. I'm not even sure whether it is better to watch high resolution photos projected on a wall or on an OLED display. I am sure though that Internet capabilities and Email add-ons this baby has need touchscreen favor. But on the other hand Samsung I7410 features also Power Point presentations that plausibly should refer to its Pico projector.

I can't stop thinking that cutting edge display, projector, 5 Megapix camera and all the rest hidden inside are not going to cure its looks. Frankly Samsung I7410 or Korean W7900 doesn't look sophisticated. However I can imagine what figures it will have on the price tag. Whatever they will be, developers should think of a way to redesign it by the moment it goes on sale. And that huge projector opening makes I7410 the thickest touchscreen at the market. Therefore I fancy thinner body with lower price but without projector.

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