16 February 2009

Best quality and luxury design - Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 headset

Japan Company Audio-Technica designs and manufactures usual and noise canceling headphones, wireless and wired microphones, mixers, range of different electronic products for professional and home use.

New Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 wired headset is truly a step to perfection. Wide known for their exceptional comfort, Audio-Technica as well never sacrifice the quality. This way they beat two aims, delivering both comfort and sound quality. ATH-W5000 is a new improved model, it is perfect headset for watching TV, gaming, listening to music.

This gadget comes with specific design, wood shell is something what distinguish it from another models, closed design make you feel little bit isolated from the world, providing with great comfort and sound quality. About this luxury headset we can say three things: it works really great, looks fabulous, and price is really good. It comes enveloped also with taste, luxury and rich, hard shell case, natural Spanish skin, expensive ebony wood, 24 carat gold, high- end electronics

Main features:
Ebony housing for excellent acoustic, ultra comfortable soft leather ear pads, 53mm neodymium magnet drivers, high quality Oxygen free copper coils for best signal, easy magnesium frame, damping system for best bass reproduction, special cable with elastomer which keep the wires free from meshing, comes with protective case for safe storage, gold plated connectors for best corrosion protection, low noise and best conductivity.

Main specification:
*Features double air damping System
*Driver diameter - 53mm
*Frequency response - 5 - 45,000 Hz
*Sensitivity - 102 dB/mW
*Impedance 40 ohms
*Max input power 2000mw
Summary: this gadget will satisfy the most scrupulous user, who is damned to enjoy:
*Excellent, rich, precise acoustic characteristics
*Who is fond of craftsmanship things made of expensive materials
*Who wants ultra comfortable and light weighed luxury headset (only 340 grams)
*For people who can permit to pay 4 - digit price for that excellent gadget

It is quite expensive to experience new sound level, extreme comfort and fit. Tremendous power, astonishing design, excellent output.
High price for really good thing.

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