24 February 2009

5 extra minutes under water thanks to Phantom

Again this month we are basically getting you ready for summer ahead of time. Last time, if you keep track of our posts, we introduced a Solar ChumAlong solar panel in the key of day-to-day usage. Gadget we are speaking here is quite the reversely made for leisure and fun and safety and the same time. These two funny bulbs on the picture are carriers of some extra air you might need for diving with or without aqualung. Phantom air suppliers may look stylish and sleek, but there obviously should appear questions about its practicality and userfriendliness.

Phantom came from the world of design and innovation so we probably shouldn’t be too severe criticizing it, but Ricardo Baiao – designer of the gadget, does claim this thing can save lives, so let’s see closely what it is. Technically, Phantom is claimed to carry enough air for five more minutes if your scuba is running low. Therefore Phantom is wired to the diving suit on the chest. Visibly, air supplier isn’t very big and the air in it is stored under pressures. No problems with that for the device only that diver should be instructed to handle it properly so life-and-death air doesn’t just blow away. I’ve shown the picture above to a friend of mine who is a semi-professional swimmer and he said this thing requires training mostly because of drag it provides. But as a product he liked it a lot. For a Phantom’s wish-list I’d like to suggest another connecting mechanism. If it could be used without diving suit, more people could use it hence hopefully encounter less risk to drown.

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