18 January 2009

TeliaSonera provides first 4G mobile broadband in 2010

If you still haven't switched to a 3G mobile phone or you are going to do it soon, maybe you should not be in a hurry. Today we have found out that the next generation 4G format would not take long to wait for. TeliaSonera announced today that they are a first company in the world to sign a commercial contract with Ericsson and Huawei to provide 4G coverage. Both of these companies are located in Europe, such a way first 4G mobile broadband will appear in Nordic and Baltic countries.

4G as well as 3G format requires a whole new range of mobile phones. However GSM networks will not be switched off as soon as 4G comes. First of all, 4G will not spread immediately over the world and broadband providers still can see long-term potential in GSM networks. Anyway, 4G is going to change mobile experience completely. It is up to bring Internet speeds to immense range starting from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. From the other side 4G will provide more safety to users as it is based on IPv6. These features mean that high quality media content will be easily available for mobile gadgets. For instance, 100 Mbps allow downloading average DVD-5 movie in about 5 minutes or steaming for much bigger displays with higher pixelation.

TeliaSonera declared 4G release date for the year 2010 in Oslo and Stockholm. In Oslo it will be Huawei and in Stockholm Ericsson will be in charge.

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