28 January 2009

Peddle YoGen MaxT to keep your laptop alive

Earlier on we noticed that alternative energy source battery chargers are steadily gaining their popularity. Under alternative energy source battery chargers I mean of course those which use any energy source except for the one coming from the plug. Hence the most popular sources are wind power and solar power. Mechanical (kinetic) power is a bit less popular in portable gadgets but is used widely in modern-day hybrid vehicles. However wind and solar power sound odd in winter so Easy Energy decided to step in with a kinetic power charger. They call it YoGen MaxT and it is up to charge your notebook for a period limited only by your personal physical abilities.

Well actually even when the foot needs some rest, YoGen MaxT can help it with some rest. The paddle it has charges AA batteries, and they in turn power the notebook so it doesn't shut down as soon as the paddle stops. Easy Energy has its proprietary chargers which are very thin. On the picture their cover is seen as two jutting out parts at the both sides of the foot. Underneath the foot there is a tunable high ratio micro-transmission device. The tuning range of power output it provides is a really good thing to have if you are using different electronic gadgets and each requires its specific power input.

The YoGen MaxT folds in a handy box and will not be abusive in a trip even in a short one. In a folded form its dimensions are 170 x 184 x 49 mm. The width and height increase little bit when YoGen MaxT is set to work. Also the number of AA batteries is optional - up 12 of them and in standard it has a number of adapters for the plug and a battery indicator.

It really seems to me that YoGen MaxT is a quality product and as a portable charger will be great at least until it is worm enough for solar chargers. But also it might look hilarious to peddle the box on public and in a video Easy Energy has presented, YoGen MaxT is clattering loud which sure is not good. Such a way then its future will be defined by its price.

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