15 January 2009

Motorized Pro-Motion keyboard

Computer experience is a truly hazardous thing to human's health in long-term outlook. No need to name all the harm day-to-day hours at computer can do. It comes from practically every gear whether it is a monitor, or a keyboard and even system units can get on nerves with too loud sound or even smell sometimes. However, a probable solution to cure RSI and CTS we normally get from our keyboards have already arrived. RSI and CTS are medical terms for Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Overall they mean that wrists are harmed by computer work and there hardly is a cure except for giving up PC work maybe.

This is much easier to prevent this sort of things rather then to cope with as they occur, so Smartfish Technologies made their own user-friendly keyboard. It is called the Pro-Motion keyboard.Researches from Smartfish Technologies decided to fit a keyboard with motors, which may sound funny. But the Pro-Motion keyboard should be taken seriously and there is nothing similar to compare it with, so Smartfish Technologies are plausibly opening a new branch in keyboard evolution.

Pro-Motion keyboard is able adjust itself basing on personal particularities each person has. Doing a small study, Pro-Motion keyboard can move up, down, change the angle and so on. Motors are being operated by a Dynamic Positioning Controller. It requires installing some software and that's about it. All the advantage of having HSS' (Hospital for Special Surgery) experience in work is set up. Such a way, Smartfish Technologies say, it eliminates any risk of getting RSI or CTS as time passes.

Pro-Motion keyboard is compatible with both: Mac and PC. Gadget is connected via a USB port and can also download software upgrades from the Internet. Smartfish Technologies provides the whole product support and gives five year warranty. All for about 130 USD and Pro-Motion keyboard is already available.

Announced user-friendly abilities are not yet tested by a neutral lab, but there seem to be no doubts in their success. And also, we haven't mentioned stylish design of the aluminum finished body. The thing is though, a lot of computer work is done in offices but employers are not going to provide staff with Pro-Motion keyboards, so bring yours.

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