02 January 2009

Laptops are not mobile enough without mobile broadband

More and more people today are using laptops and netbooks in their lives. These portable computers can be used almost anywhere: work, home, transport, cafes and other places. This portability is great by one other thing: you carry your data with you and you need no CDs, DVDs of flash drives. However, this compatibility is limited. You can access the internet only via Wi-Fi access points, if you of course have Wi-Fi module built in. When going on a train for example or being in some far place you are going to have a different way to access the web. Here is where mobile broadband comes in handy.

Laptops and Netbooks have really gained their portability thanks to mobile broadband. With its help users will benefit the functionality of a home PC everywhere you go. What is even better is that you can buy a laptop or a netbook with a built-in mobile broadband and get a supbscription at the same time.

It is much more convenient to have mobile broadband built in because you will not have any USB dongles sticking out of your laptop, besides you will have all your USB ports free for other devices. More laptop portability and fast access to the internet is what mobile broadband brings to us.

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