18 January 2009

ED-E robot goes from toy store to school

School is the place where most people start getting into their future hobbies, interests and other stuff that floats their boat. That's why educational programs are so important and educational results can tell a lot about the whole country. Recently a robotic enthusiast Dr. Jim Wyatt has offered his creation as a trainer for schools. Wyatt's well known ED-E robot, you could see him at CES 2009 presented by Kablamm Ltd. ED-E can be a great educational aid at physics and mathematics classes. ED-E robot is also available for individuals and will be a great fun for kids and their parents.

There is a number of reasons why ED-E was promoted from, basically, a toy to educational equipment. First of all, it will attract positive attention of 100 percents of students. As a toy, ED-E can do a lot of things like brake dancing, balancing on one leg, hopping, etc. do complex moves overall. The educational part of all this process consists in programming ED-E's 17 servo motors to perform any of that on a given task or on student's free will. Such a way kids can learn basic mechanics, mathematics and three-dimensional programming. The best of all I think is that they will see the result immediately with no scholasticism students have to deal with most of time.

However I can hardly imagine how ED-E will fit in educational programs and how lectures with the robot will be held, but I find it an exceptionally good idea. A standard ED-E is sold to individuals for 400 quid, but the package for schools will be a little bit expensive. An additional programming tool will add 28 quid more to robot's price.

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