11 January 2009

Cellular broadband "Vizit" photo frame from Isabella Products

Cellular broadband is a great thing especially with its 3G capabilities. It has very nice speed for both downloading and uploading content, wide coverage, even better than WiFi usually. However, having these advantages mobile networks have been serving very few digital photo frames. A brief while ago, in November '08, T-Mobile has introduced one, and there are no any other successful examples of cellular network digital photo frames coming to my mind. But we are getting one more this spring probably. Isabella Products has announced its "Vizit" photo frame with Internet connection based on cellular network and what's more, it is a 10.4 inch touchscreen with some interesting features in it.

Isabella Products may have done a questionable design work. Vizit looks a bit coarse with a large holder behind, but anyway developers though of different kinds of materials and colors. Silver or gunmetal body with rosewood or teak insertions will be available. But design is moved aside by 10.4 inch touchscreen and gadget's capabilities. The screen is LCD with not yet affirmed resolution, nor are its other features. Manufacturer promises of course high resolution and vivid colors. Isabella Products notices that the main advantage if Vizit photo frame is two-way communication, fast and easy photo exchange all via mobile network, which is priced higher than WiFi. However it is Vizit's main advantage. First of all it can easily be used by grandparents or even kids, because grandparents may not have WiFi at their home but can still keep in touch with recent photos of their relatives. Second advantage – user friendly menu. Visibly, Isabelle Product made touching areas quite big and there are not much confusing buttons.

Vizit photo frame will be in stores in short time. Not earlier than spring and most probably in March. MSRP for Vizit is 299 USD.

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