04 January 2009

Asus improves world's first Blu-Ray output PC audio card: Xonar HDAV1.3 Series

Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 SeriesDecember '08 was the month when VHS tapes have officially gone for ever from Wal-Mart shelves, but luckily, now we have even more toys to play with instead of old-fashioned VHS players. It is now all about Blu-Ray image and sound quality. The latest news show that end users have got a handle on buying Blu-Ray disks because December '08 sales of those are 400 percents (1.5 million pieces) higher than a year ago. So, what do we have here is a new gadget that will help us enjoy every last bit of Blu-Ray quality sound on our PCs.

It is a new audio card from Asus called Xonar HDAV1.3 Series that is one of the first audio cards that bring ultimate sound performance to PCs. Well actually we know of course that the first one was Xonar HDAV1.3 and Xonar HDAV1.3 Series is an enhanced version.

The result of installing an Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 Series audio card must be very pleasing because what it does is: first – eliminating downsampling. It means that high quality audio tracks will not be decayed into lower quality. Second – Xonar HDAV1.3 Series allows to playback much more lossless format files like, for instance, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Dolby Digital Plus. Maximum output to AV receiver is 24bit/192KHz. Xonar HDAV1.3 Series is also compatible with most of current Video Graphic Cards on sale and distributes audio and video steams via single HDMI cord.

The results are good of course, but they are not achieved by Asus alone. Asus was working closely with ArcSoft and C-Media. As the outcome, Xonar HDAV1.3 Series has Arcsoft's TotalMedia Theatre software and C-media's bespoke AV200 audio processor. As usual, ASUS didn't give out all the info about upcoming audio card, so there is no word about MSRP and release date.

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