29 December 2008

ViewSonic VT2430 HDTV - 24 inches of bargain

ViewSonic VT2430 HDTVMore TV fun is predicted for the Christmas holidays this year with another December's release. Not a most exiting proposal of the year we have here, but more like a true bargain if we compare it with undoubtedly overpriced Sound Chair Touch for example. So, what we have here is a new LCD HDTV from ViewSonic. You can find it under VT2430 serial number if you like it, which is quite expected because ViewSonic have pulled up sleeves to put everything a modern viewer is likely to consider before buying a HDTV into one gadget for under 400 USD. The price doesn't stand much less than 400 USD, it is 399 USD, but it is Christmas you know, so we expect some special offers on this one on the web.

There seems to be nothing special in ViewSonic VT2430, yet everything appears to be worked out and lined up so far. Let's start with the features. This is a LCD display, 24 inches bias with 1920 x 1080 resolution plus 5 milliseconds of response rate. The screen itself is also able to work with 300 cd/m2 of luminance brightness, contrast figures are 1000:1 and 10,000:1 native contrast and dynamic contrast respectively. Not bad, but it is still strange to miss one zero in comparison with OLED technology. However, ViewSonic have achieved my sympathy not for cutting edge technologies, but for providing family with all the features one might need for much less than half a thousand. They are: ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner, life TV recording via synchronization with PC or HD media player. Synchronization with PC also means widescreen games for kids and presentation abilities or photo view for parents, all with 60 Hz frequency if in HD quality.

So here is our tip once again: at the second half of the December there is a big chanse that you come across a brand new gadget for yourself like this one on the web for much less than manufacturer's price.

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