30 December 2008

iGo has prepared a new Laptop Charger for CES 2009

iGo new Laptop Charger for CES 2009Vampire energy – isn't it exactly an issue by cutting which we can probably bring a better input in to a struggle for cleaner environment? Less energy used means less energy produced, and we all know the price nature has to pay for every kilowatt of electric energy. But this is not exactly the point that makes us worry about scales of vampire energy. Consumers should be primarily worried about their money losses. Vampire energy costs about 13 billion USD a year for only US (this number is likely to crowd in the winter season). Obviously, something has to be done, and here is one the solutions iGo is ready to present at the CES 2009. The new gadget is aimed to cut vampire power when another electronic gadget has been left plugged for charge.

This is what iGo reckons about charging devices: after they have charged their batteries full, they still consume too much energy for no fair reason of that. The Green Technology in the new iGo chargers prevents vampire energy from happening and saves up to 80 percents of power used on charging overall.

iGo decided to sell new chargers under as "Laptop Chargers" for some reason, though it is said that iGo's novelty can be used with other devices as well. They might have considered notebooks more hungry for vampire energy than other electronic gadgets, or maybe they hope for better sales, which promise to be on quite a level.

Anyway, in use new Laptop Chargers are easy. It just goes into a wall outlet and that's it. Once a charging device is plugged, it monitors activity and shuts off after battery is full. Sadly, there is no price declared, but it should pay for itself, right? Saving 80 percents of charging energy is a lot when you have a number of mobile phones and a laptop, so once again at this point – green stripes and button on the iGo charger is not a color of nature, but a color of dollars in this case.

Here is the full range of what iGo is going to present at CES: a Laptop Charger, a Surge Protector that works as the Laptop Charger, but has eight outlets, a Wall Outlet, an international travel adapter, a multi card reader and a laptop cleaning kit.

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