02 November 2008

Three-dimensional view with Minoru 3D Webcam

Do you always like the picture of your web camera, or your friend's and colleague's camera? Many people want more and more from it. And that is why we regularly see some new web camera gadgets appearing. Minoru 3D Webcam is the latest one among them. What they in Minoru decided to do is a great thing for web video chatting via Skype, Windows Live Messenger, ooVoo, AIM, or many other modern clients. They have decided not only to improve the quality of the video, but to expand greatly its features by adding a really good one – 3D vision. Minoru 3D Webcam will be announced in December for price close to 100 USD.

A usual price for most web cams is around 30 USD. You can always find a very economic variant for only 10 USD or a bit pricy camera but with a warranty and of a good quality for around 60 – 70 USD for Logitech and Microsoft LifeCam models. 100 dollars for Minoru 3D Webcam seems an outrageous price, but expenses become reasonable with a 3D feature. Actually this price doesn't seem quite big if we take under consideration the way it is built. To make a 3D picture of Webcam's user, Minoru decided on two cameras placed as far from each other as human's eye would be if they were of the same size with cameras. Such form factor creates a stereoscopic view and it can only be seen if you manage to persuade your fellow-talker to put on special 3D glasses. If not, Minoru 3D Webcam can work as a usual web camera using only one of two installed.

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