29 September 2008

Sony is launching a900 – first DSLR full-frame camera with 24,6 Mp in the world

DSLR Sony a900 camera sets a new standard for those who are excited with photos and who need an unsurpassed quality and creative photographing.

The top product of aDSLR series benefits of the first CMOS full-frame sensor that has 24,6 mp. Specially developed by Sony this innovative sensor of a very high resolution and big dimensions equivalent with a movie frame of 35 mm offers an extraordinary image details and a wide dynamic range.

a900 offers an unmatched image quality, creativity and performance, criteria that are absolutely necessary for professional photographers.

* Superlative images, full of details with the help of CMOS Exmor full-frame sensor, 24,6 of effective mega pixels.
* Light viewfinder that covers 100 % of the field of vision
* Improved image stabilization - SteadyShot INSIDE that offers
* Very fast photographing and faultless images with little noise due to two BIONZ image processors
* Image visualization on LCD Xtra Fine screen of 3 inches and high resolution
* Very fast and sure auto focus system with 9 points of focus and 10 points of assistance
* Continue photographing on 5 frames per second and 24,6 mp maximum resolution

Sensor of a new generation capture faultless images with an unprecedented loyalty in live colors, with very realistic textures and subtle color tones graduations. Filling a very high native resolution of a sensor, Exmor technology realizes on-chip analog/digital (A/D) conversion of a signal and reduces the noise in two steps. This guarantees an obtaining of images with an extremely low noise that benefit of high-precision lenses.

To disclose the creative potential of a full–frame sensor of 24,6 mp, two advanced BIONZ image processors can manage a huge quantity of information at a very high speed. Powerful algorithms of noise reducing are being applied as before data conversion in RAW mode, so during the image processing, resulting impeccable images, full of details with a minimum noise level. Two BIONZ processors contribute to a very high reaction speeds allowing continue photographing with 5 frames per second at a 24,6 maximum resolution.

Quality without compromises of the camera is highlighted by a high precision focus system that ensures a small number of failed images. 10 points of assistance contribute to detections of subjects, improving of unclear objects detection, all these is for removing lost time for a perfect focus and also a dedicated F2,8 sensor for rising of focus accuracy for very illuminated objects.

A very high resolution of the LCD screen (921.000 pixels) allows clear visualization even in very illuminated spaces. There exist multiple visualization options for simplification of the process of selecting the best images in addition with the possibility of adding of a RGB histogram and other information on photographing.

By pressing a single button, LCD screen passes in Quick Navi – a fast navigation mode and allows camera settings adjusting without interrupting the photographing process. New intelligent preview function simulates the white balance effect, the exposure level directly on the LCD without effective photographing. After a simple confirmation camera uses new settings for next images. It simplifies a sure control on the final image.

Already made images can be watched also on a connected HT TV set. PhotoTV HD mode offers a possibility of image visualization with a fantastic clarity in colors that are very close to reality on compatible BRAVIA TV sets. HDMI connector offers a possibility to watch images in HD format on each compatible TV set.

Designed for a perfect functionality even in challenging environments a900 has a robust design with a very flexible aluminum chassis with edges made of magnesium alloy. Lenses, place for a memory card, buttons and other sensitive zones are protected from dust and humidity by a rubber gaskets, offering an experience of usage without worries. The interior of the device is protected by an anti-dust system that takes care of the full-frame sensor and does not allow infiltration of unwanted particles when you change lenses.

Allowing a stable and comfortable handling as in a portrait mode photographing so in a landscape mode an optional vertical handle can include two high capacity batteries to extend the autonomy of the camera. It offers at the same time an access to all important control functions of the camera and it is designed from the same high quality materials – magnesium alloy and rubber parts.

Today it is available on the market a large number of compatible lenses with what users can make the most of the potential offered by the full-frame sensor of the camera.

Premium G series of optical equipment offered by Sony consists of a high performance SSM telephoto (70 - 400mm) F4-5.6 endowed with a powerful Super Sonic wave engine that is created for a fast and silent auto focus.

Also Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lenses of a 16-35 mm F2,8 ZA SSM is a fast super-angular zoom, ideal for capturing images inside, landscapes and complicate photo-reportages.

The device was completed with a new strong HVL-F58AM (GN58) flash that has an innovative Sony Quick Shift Bounce technology, offering an increased control of the highlights, direct illumination corners during the photographing in portrait mode for the light reflections keeping and obtaining of a more natural and pleasant illuminations of the subject. For photographing in studio Wireless Auto Flash Control function can command up to three flash groups, establishing different illumination reports simplifying by that light complexes set-up management.

DSLR full-frame a900 model will be available since the next month.

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