08 August 2008

Mobile broadband - fast and portable internet connection

Fast internet is the thing that almost everybody wants now. There is even a 40 Gb/sec connection given to homes which is certainly too much for a usual computer. However, people always want to get bigger higher faster and better so they connect to best internet providers they know. Speed is one aspect of internet connection. One of the latest tendencies of customers is to get not only fast but also mobile internet for their devices. Mobile broadband has become the best solution for the cell phones that support 3G connectivity. Since then fast internet connections market has been growing very fast.

However, using your PPC is sometimes not enough, users would like fast internet for their laptops on the go. This is where mobile broadband comes in handy. From the beginning of 2008 this area has become very popular and now almost every cell phone user and a considerable part of notebook, or netbook users. The best advantages of this internet connection besides its portability are usability and ease of connecting it.

There are special USB dongles that make mobile broadband possible. It is easy to insert the sim card into the modem and connect it to the notebook's USB port and get pretty fast internet connection. However, maybe soon these modules will be built into notebooks because they give pretty good connection with reasonable price.

Speeds provided by mobile broadband are very good too. Speed range is between 1.8 Mb/sec to 7.2 Mb/sec being the fastest connection and giving the users from 1 GB to 7 GB of internet traffic. They are sometimes even better than usual connections you get home. However, the price of these connections is higher and the traffic is also limited. However, the speed is enough to watch movies and play games online. Speaking of games ping time could sometimes be too high which will make it impossible to play. However, mobile broadband was created for different audience than just gamers.

Today when a lot of companies propose their services in this domain it has become very difficult to decide what provider to use. However, there are websites that make ratings for the best mobile broadband providers. There are also websites where you can make speed test of your service provider and check the possibilities of your device. Besides, it also depends on your cell phone services provider because they use cell phone networks for this type of connections, which means that you will get this service anywhere where 3G connection is available. The bad thing about portable internet is that it will get worse where signal gets weaker.

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