23 June 2008

Flash Drive - Cigarette lighter

Nowadays Flash Drive is a well-known thing, used nearly by everybody. It became a really good helper and replaces our habitual discs and even has diskettes from the market. It is convenient in use and portable that's why Flash Drive occupies an important part in our daily activity. Now a lot of different flashes are devised and it's so easy to get lost in their diversity. A new gadget represents one of these variants.

This is a usual Flash Drive with a lighter built in or it's possible to say that it is a lighter with a Flash Drive built in. This gadget represents special choice for smokers of course. This is comfortable thing, because it is not necessary to bring lighter and Flash Drive separately, all is combined together. One of the biggest advantages of this gadget is that Flash Drive could be pulled out. It wouldn’t prevent using lighter. Its memory size is 4 GB. It's made in Zippo style and is decorated with a cowboy's symbol - the cow skull.

The price or such invention is 26.65 USD. To my mind it's quite a good gadget. However, it's possible to make an inscription on the gadget's body "Smoking is harmful for your health". I think that all the inventions should to bring any harm to us, but to carry out useful functions.

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