02 May 2008

ASUS is launching SPLENID MA3850M, first autonomic color processor with a modular video plaque.

New product integrates a video processing plaque with ASUS Splendid HD chipset and a VGA modular plaque. Splendid HD improves image quality increasing clearness, color saturation and brightness without requesting system processor. Color processor will select automatically the best displaying mode for offering the exceptional visual quality.

Splendid MA3850M offers the same performance level as the ATI Radeon HD 3850 plaque in 3Dmark application but it is able to diminish energy consumption. In plus Splendid MA3850M has a length with 27% less than ATI Radeon HD 3850, that allows an easy integration in smaller carcasses, more than that, thanks to its modular concept, the product will be able to being upgraded later.

New ASUS processor uses the most recent generation of Splendid technology. It offers vibrant colors, adjusted for perception in the best conditions for eyes. Movies will be able to being watched on the PC screen in the same particular conditions as in case of high-quality TV-sets due to using advanced functions of this chip: color processing using 7 regions, application of gamma correction on 12 bits and dynamic regulation of contrast.
In plus the product will automatically select the ideal mode for advertising of images (Photo, Video and Game). Users have a possibility to tune clearness and to optimize parameters of advertising depending on screen settings.

ASUS Splendid MA3850M integrates ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3850 graphic unit, which supports ATI PowerPlay technology. The product also offers a particular efficiency in energy consumption. An excellent correlation Performance per Watt calculated in conditions of getting an advanced score in 3DMark06 recommend this gadget as the best green product for enthusiastic gamers.

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