11 April 2008

USB Photo Scanner makes digitalizing photo collection a lot faster

While the era of digital photos already arrived, most of us already have a pile of old-school printed glossy photos, which were taken from film cameras. Unlike its digital counterparts, they seem to fade with years; they can be easily torn or stained. Of course, the first thought that comes to mind is to scan them all and keep them in digital form. However, everybody who done that knows that this process is painfully slow, especially if the amount of photos to scan is huge. While you can just leave them as they are, it is better to think about some faster ways to digitalize your photo albums and make them last almost forever in the digital form. And this cool gadget will help you with this task.

USB Photo Scanner is a specially designed gadget that will help you in that boring task of digitalizing whole photo collection. Unlike usual scanners, it does its job a lot faster. Equipped with a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, it can scan photos in just minutes, and they will be digitalized in up to 1800 dpi resolution, 10 bits per color channel, automatic exposure control and color balance. Taking in consideration that this gadget was especially maken to scan photos, it is designed to simplify this process: just put your photos in a tray and then slide it into the converter. After the button press, they all will have their digital copies, ready to be stored on every digital data storage device possible.

While this job can be surely done by usual scanner, it takes a lot more time to scan all your photos that way. However, the main disadvantage of this Photo Scanner is that it is specialized in only one direction - it can be used only for scanning photos, and after you finished this process it will remain unneeded. So think for yourself, will you buy a 9.95 gadget only for photo scanning, or a usual scanner for the same price, which can scan everything.

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