05 March 2008

USB mini digital camera

At present there is a great deal of different digital cameras that can easily meet any wishes. Quite a significant amount of them have as many functions as possible. But sometimes people want to possess something simpler and smaller, because often they don't need to make photos that look like professional ones.

Imagine a tiny USB camera with no viewfinder, no LCD screen, and no buttons except one. Such a camera was designed by Sungwoo Park who decided to exclude all the functions except the main one. This gadget represents a mini USB digital camera that combines the feeling of not knowing how your shots turned out with the ease of USB transfer.

Thus, in comparison with usual digital cameras and cell phones no additional cables, card readers and so on are required. You just insert your camera into USB port. As regards the size of this concept it's almost the same as that of a usual USB flash drive. Despite the fact that no information is given about the quality of the pictures taken by this camera we can conclude that it's quite poor. It's hardly possible to supply such a small device with all the elements that enable taking high quality pictures.

Taking into consideration all the facts mentioned above it should be emphasized that this gadget helps to make the process of photographing easier. Yet the only buyers of such USB digital cameras will be people who like compact things and do not need professional photos.

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