01 February 2008

Lens Accessory makes taking 3D pictures a snap

Have you watched something that breathtaking as a 3D format movie? You know, those amazing special effects that make you sweat. Would you like to feel the same while taking shots with your camera? Just say you do.

The new Loreo 3D lens attachment in a cap is a cool accessory that takes 3D pictures faster than you say "Cheese". This new gadget can be a real discover for photographers all over the world. It is very easy to use and it comprises a matched pair of F11 focusing lenses with a 38mm focal length and a focusing range from 1 meter to infinity.

Though the set up is quite small, the f-stop rates 11, which is just enough for a device with two lens elements that expose the camera's CCD chip to the same image. Plus, the whole result can be viewed with a 3D viewer or on a computer monitor thanks to Loren's 3D software. Know what else? Printing 3D pictures is also possible.

This 3D device is now available for Nikon, Canon EOS and FD, Olympus, Pentax, Minolta MD and AF. It will possibly also work on Sony Alpha models as well.

Comparing its price of 55.95 USD to the emotions you are going to get using this lenses.

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