24 February 2008

Le Million - The most expencive cell phone?

There is no need to talk about the significant role of cell phones in our life. The fact that they turned into something really necessary and important explains why almost everybody has a cell phone. Thus, people started paying more attention not just to the functionality of these devices, but to the way they look as well. As a consequence we got a great variety of them pretty looking phones.

Recently Swedish company Goldwish designed Le Million cell phone that is considered to be the most expensive in the world. It's made of red, yellow and white gold and encrusted with diamonds of 120 carats. Moreover its backboard is covered with crocodile leather. As regards the price of this gadget it almost corresponds to the name that was given to this device, yet it's a little bit bigger - 1,43 million dollars.

There is no information about the characteristics of this cell phone and probably this is quite an understandable fact, because they are of no importance. The edition of this gadget is very limited - just three Le Millions will be sold in the world. So everything shows that the uniqueness of the gadget is the only feature, with help of which designers intend to attract people's attention, especially of reach ones.

As far as we - mere mortals - are concerned I don't think that someone will really dream about this cell phone. Of course it looks great, but it's too expensive. Such kind of things should be kept shut up in a safe and not put into the pocket.

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