07 April 2009

Peapod: A $12k All Electric Car From Chrysler

Peapod Mobility, which is a spin off Chrysler, is set to launch an eco friendly vehicle this Earth Day called the Peapod. In fact, I was leaving my apartment last week and saw 5 of these Smartcar like cars driving down the street with an 800 number plastered on its side asking if ‘I wanted my own electric vehicle’. Chrysler is no stranger to the all electric and has had a comparable open air electric car on sale here in Southern California for a number of years for about $12,000, about the same price that the Peapod will sell for. The vehicle will get about a 30 mile range on an 8 hour charge and a top speed of 25mph. So no, you won’t be able to drive on the highway or any of those double lined roads.

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