23 February 2009

Plantronics Discovery 655 Headset makes amendments

Plantronics Discovery 655 represents simple updating of the previous version of the firm. However the new model brings its innovations and amendments with enhanced design and optimized complete set. It occupies place of honor in the class of headset gadgets. Having an extended shape it successfully comes to the end with a little microphone that allows you contact with ears.

The main functions of the garniture are being controlled by the main button, that allows answering/finishing the calls, switch off/on of the device, call’s redialing and activating of sound set.

Additional buttons on the surface help you to control volume of the sounds and it isn’t any efforts to use them thanks to the acting relief arrows. As well as the majority of same gadgets Plantronics Discovery 655 uses DSP technology for transmitting crystal clear voice in a best way and escaping noises and echoes as much as possible. Its lightweight makes only 9 grams. It very easy recharges from your PC and includes the innovative charging pocket. It is the most appreciate accessory of the headset. It is intended to fix the device on clothes. Mini-USB socket’s mission consists in connection for recharging the device and fastens to the headset with the help of special clip. Thus the Plantronics Discovery 655 is compatible with new models of Motorola phones and different smartpnones and communicators of the new era. Cylindrical adapter is just that device which function consists in recharging the device from AAA lithium ion battery that is also included in the set. A comfortable ear loop is a very useful thing to fix the gadget reliably on the ear but you could also use the garniture without it.

I should notice that this device works enough well with the most phones and provides high quality sound. Easy to operate and comfortable for wear it approaches for business activity and road walks. We can blame to it that this headset doesn’t support usage of multiple devices at once. It is checked up on experience that Plantronics Discovery doesn’t tires your ears thanks to its design and lightweight. As to gel ear tips, the device includes 3 such of them. Choose the best size for you by your wish.

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